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Difference between Apple Juice and Apple Cider


Apple Juice vs. Apple Cider

What is difference between Apple Juice and Apple Cider? Most of us often confuse apple juice with apple cider. Although both are made from apples, the main difference depends on where you live and what it’s called there. Below this post is all about the difference between Apple Juice and Apple Cider.

Difference between Apple Juice and Apple Cider

If you live in the United States, you will know that apple cider is what you know as the unprocessed liquid obtained from apples. To obtain this liquid, you have to wash and cut the apples into pieces and then crush them to form the liquid. Then the liquid that is obtained or the apple cider contains liquid and some crushed apple pulp which is brown and looks compact with fine grains. It must be refrigerated if it is kept for a long time, otherwise, the taste changes and the color also. Now, if you filter the apple cider and remove the apple pulp, it turns into apple juice.

In England, apple cider is known more as an alcoholic beverage. After the liquid is extracted from the crushed apple, it is left to ferment, which gives the cider its alcoholic properties. Fermented apple cider is known as fermented cider while traditional cider is known as soft cider. In commercial apple ciders, yeast is added to increase the fermentation rate. The cider is also checked to check the balance of nutrients, sugar content, yeast and acids.

Apple juice has more shelf life than apple cider. The reason why this happens is that the apple cider contains the pulp of the crushed apple which makes the liquid easily and quickly perishable, while the apple juice is removed pulp and remains in good condition for more weather.

When you buy commercial apple juice, the color is different from the original apple juice made at home. The reason is that several filters are used to eliminate any particle of the cider. During this time the color of the cider changes from brown to yellow. If there is any difference between the taste of apple cider and commercial apple juice is due to the addition of chemicals to prevent the fermentation of the liquid.

When you buy apple cider, always make sure you are buying the one that is pasteurized, because the unpasteurized cider can have bacteria and fungi. And if you’re going to make apple cider at home, adding a preservative and refrigerating it can inhibit the growth of any fungus or bacteria.

In Summary

  • Apple cider is an unprocessed liquid obtained from crushed apples, while apple juice is the filtered liquid obtained from cider.
  • Apple juice has more duration than apple cider.
  • In the United States apple cider is a non-alcoholic drink, while in England, it is fermented to make it alcoholic.
  • Apple cider is known by different names as fermented or mild depending on its alcohol content.
  • Apple juice is lighter than apple cider as it undergoes a filtering process.

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