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Difference between an Arbitrator and a Mediator

Difference between an Arbitrator and a Mediator

When it comes to resolving disputes, there are two main types of professionals you might turn to arbitrators and mediators. Though they both have the goal of helping plaintiffs and defendants come to a resolution, there are some key differences between these two types of professionals.

What is an Arbitrator?

An arbitrator is an independent third party who resolves disputes between two parties. Unlike a judge or mediator, an arbitrator does not make a decision based on precedent or law; instead, they rely on their own knowledge and experience to reach a fair and just resolution. Arbitrators are often used in situations where the parties involved do not want to go to court, or when the dispute is too complex for a mediator to handle. In many cases, arbitrators will issue a binding ruling that the parties are required to follow. However, there are also times when an arbitrator will simply offer their opinion on the matter, which the parties can then use to help them reach a resolution on their own.

What is Mediator?

A mediator is a professional who helps people resolve their differences. Mediators are impartial and do not take sides. Their job is to help people communicate better and to find solutions that work for both sides. Mediation is a voluntary process, which means that both parties have to agree to participate. It is confidential, which means that anything said during mediation cannot be used in court. Mediation is an informal process, which means that the mediator does not make decisions for the parties or force them to agree to anything. The goal of mediation is to reach an agreement that both sides can live with. If an agreement is reached, the mediator will help the parties write it down so that it can be signed by both parties.

Difference between an Arbitrator and a Mediator

When two parties have a disagreement that they cannot resolve on their own, they may seek the help of an arbitrator or mediator. Both arbitrators and mediators are impartial third parties who can help the parties reach an agreement, but there are some key differences between the two. An arbitrator is a decision-maker who hears both sides of the dispute and then makes a binding ruling. A mediator, on the other hand, does not make decisions; instead, they facilitate discussion and help the parties find common ground. Both arbitrators and mediators can be helpful in resolving disputes, but it is important to understand the difference between the two before choosing one.


The difference between an arbitrator and a mediator is important to understand when trying to resolve a dispute. An arbitrator will make a decision after hearing both sides of the argument, while a mediator will help the two parties come to an agreement. If you are in need of assistance resolving a dispute, it is important to understand the differences between these two professions.

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