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Difference between AMC Gold and Silver Tickets

Difference between AMC Gold and Silver Tickets

If you’re a fan of AMC theaters, you may be wondering if there is any difference between the Gold and Silver tickets. In this post, we’ll break down what each ticket gets you, and help you decide if one is better for you than the other.

What is AMC Gold Ticket?

AMC Gold Ticket is AMC’s movie subscription pass that allows members to see any AMC showtime* of a 2D movie at any AMC theatre nationwide. There are no blackout dates and members can show their AMC Gold Ticket card or barcode from their AMC Stubs account on the AMC Theatres app to see a movie. AMC Gold Tickets are valid for one year from the date of purchase. *some exclusions may apply, such as special events. AMC Gold Tickets are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash, replaced if lost or stolen, or used toward the purchase of food and beverage or AMC Stubs Premiere membership. Purchases made online can be printed out or displayed on a mobile device for scanning at the theatre. Restrictions apply. See amctheatres.com/gold-ticket for full details including FAQs.

What is AMC Silver Ticket?

AMC Silver Ticket is a special AMC-sponsored membership program that gives members discounted movie tickets and access to exclusive AMC events. For just $30 a month, AMC Silver Ticket members get two free AMC tickets per month, as well as discounts on concessions and ticket upgrades. In addition, AMC Silver Ticket members get access to exclusive screenings and events, such as advance screenings of upcoming films and meet-and-greets with cast and crew members. AMC Silver Ticket is the perfect way for movie lovers to enjoy their favorite pastime at a fraction of the cost.

Difference between AMC Gold and Silver Tickets

AMC Gold and Silver Tickets are both types of AMC movie tickets that offer discount prices on movie tickets. AMC Gold Tickets cost less than AMC Silver Tickets, but AMC Silver Tickets offer more benefits. AMC Silver Tickets include a free large popcorn with the purchase of a movie ticket, while AMC Gold Tickets do not. In addition, AMC Gold Tickets are only valid for use on Monday-Thursday, while AMC Silver Tickets can be used any day of the week. As a result, AMC Silver Tickets are a better value for those who frequently go to the movies. However, for those who only go to the movies occasionally, AMC Gold Tickets may be the better option.


AMC offers Gold and Silver tickets, which offer different benefits. The main difference between the two is that Gold members can see movies in any format, including 3D and IMAX, while Silver members are limited to 2D movies. If you are an avid moviegoer, the Gold ticket may be a better option for you. However, if you only go to the theater every once in a while, the Silver ticket may be more economical.

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