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Difference between Ambulance and Ambulette

Difference between Ambulance and Ambulette

When you need to get to the hospital quickly, you want an ambulance. But what if you’re not in a life-or-death situation? You may need an ambulette. Learn the difference between ambulances and ambulettes here.

What is an Ambulance?

Ambulances are specially equipped vehicles for transporting patients to medical facilities. They are typically fitted with a variety of equipment, including oxygen supplies, basic life support equipment, and stretchers. Ambulances are often operated by trained medical personnel, such as paramedics, who are able to provide basic care to patients during transport. In some cases, ambulances may also be used to transport patients between medical facilities. Ambulances play a vital role in the emergency medical system, and their use can often mean the difference between life and death for patients with serious injuries or illnesses.

What is Ambulette?

Ambulette is a sedan or minivan that has been modified to transport people who are unable to walk. Ambulette services are Medicaid-funded in many states, and they provide an important transportation option for people with disabilities. Ambulette vehicles are typically outfitted with a ramp or lift, and they are driven by trained operators who are familiar with the Ambulette service area.

Ambulette services can be used for non-emergency medical transportation, as well as for general transportation needs such as shopping or appointments. In many cases, Ambulette services are less expensive than ambulance services, and they provide a more comfortable ride for passengers. As a result, Ambulette services are an important transportation option for many people with disabilities.

Difference between Ambulance and Ambulette

Ambulances and Ambulette are both types of vehicles used to transport patients. Ambulances are typically used to transport patients who are critically ill or injured, while Ambulette is more commonly used to transport patients who are stable. Ambulances are equipped with a stretcher, oxygen, and other medical equipment, while Ambulette typically only has a seat for the patient.

Ambulances are also staffed by paramedics or emergency medical technicians, while Ambulette is typically not. Because of the difference in equipment and staffing, Ambulances tend to be more expensive than Ambulette.


Ambulances and Ambulette are both types of vehicles used to transport patients, but there is a big difference between the two. Ambulances are larger and have more features, while Ambulette is smaller and less expensive. Knowing the difference between these two types of vehicles can help you choose the right one for your needs.

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