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Difference between Akuma and Shin Akuma

Difference between Akuma and Shin Akuma

Akuma and Shin Akuma are two very different characters in the Street Fighter series. Though they share similar moves, there are a few stark differences between the two. In this article, we’ll take a look at what makes these two characters unique.

What is Akuma?

Akuma is a video game character who debuted in the 1991 game Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Akuma is a powerful fighter who uses a style of martial arts known as Ansatsuken, which is translated as “Assassin’s Fist.” Akuma is often characterized as a villain, and he has fought against some of the most popular characters in the Street Fighter series, including Ryu and Ken.

Akuma is also known for his signature move, the Raging Demon, which is a powerful attack that can instantly defeat an opponent. Akuma is a popular character among fans of the Street Fighter series, and he has appeared in numerous games, comics, and animated productions.

What is Shin Akuma?

Shin Akuma is a video game character who first appeared in the 1995 fighting game Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Shin Akuma is an extremely powerful version of the original Akuma character, and his name literally means “true demon” in Japanese. Shin Akuma has appeared in several subsequent Street Fighter games, as well as in other Capcom fighting games such as Marvel vs. Capcom 3 and Tekken 7.

While he is often considered to be a villain, Shin Akuma has also been shown to be an honorable warrior who only resorts to violence when necessary. Regardless of his alignment, Shin Akuma is widely considered to be one of the most powerful characters in the Street Fighter universe.

Difference between Akuma and Shin Akuma

  • Akuma and Shin Akuma are both powerful villains in the Street Fighter video game franchise. Akuma is the older of the two, and his original name was Gouki. He was once a human martial artist who trained under Julie, but he later turned to evil after Julie was killed by another fighter.
  • Akuma possesses a dark power known as the “Satsui no Hado” which gives him immense strength and abilities. He often uses this power to kill his opponents, which has earned him the nickname “The Immortal”. Shin Akuma, on the other hand, is a creation of Akuma’s.
  • He was born when Akuma allowed himself to be consumed by the Satsui no Hado. As a result, Shin Akuma is even more powerful than Akuma and does not hesitate to kill. He is also much more vicious and unstable than Akuma, making him a dangerous opponent for any fighter.


The differences between Akuma and Shin Akuma are stark. Akuma is the manifestation of all of Gohadoken’s negative energy, while Shin Akuma is the result of Kazumi Mishima’s attempt to resurrect her husband. Shin Akuma retains all of the power and abilities of Akuma but also possesses the ability to control time. He can reverse time to a point before he was created, allowing him to erase his opponents from existence. If you’re looking for an opponent that will truly test your skills, look no further than Shin Akuma.

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