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Difference between AK47 and AK56

Difference between AK47 and AK56

There are many types of rifles on the market, but two of the most popular are the AK47 and the AK56. Though they share some similarities, there are also some key differences between these two models that shooters should be aware of before making a purchase. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at both rifles and discuss what sets them apart. So, if you’re considering buying an AK rifle, make sure to read on to learn more about your options.

What is AK47?

The AK47 is a 7.62x39mm assault rifle that was first developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov. It is one of the most popular and widely used assault rifles in the world, with over 100 million units estimated to have been produced. The AK47 is known for its simple design, reliability, and ease of use, and has been used by militaries, paramilitaries, insurgents, and criminals alike. The rifle was first introduced into service with the Soviet Army in 1949 and has since been adopted by many other countries. The AK47 has been involved in numerous conflicts and wars over the years and has become an iconic symbol of violence and conflict.

What is AK56?

AK56 is a type of AK-pattern rifle developed in the early 1990s. It is notable for its use of a side-folding stock and for its lightweight. The AK56 has a shorter barrel than the standard AK-47, and it uses a detachable magazine. It is also equipped with a muzzle brake and front sight gas block. The AK56 is popular with law enforcement and military units for its high accuracy and reliability. It is also used by some civilian shooters for target practice and plinking. The AK56 is manufactured by several companies, including Kalashnikov Concern, Norinco, and Zastava Arms.

Difference between AK47 and AK56

The AK47 and AK56 are both assault rifles that were developed in the Soviet Union. The main difference between the two weapons is that the AK47 fires a 7.62mm round, while the AK56 fires a 5.45mm round. The smaller 5.45mm round is more accurate and has less recoil than the 7.62mm round, making it easier for soldiers to control their shots. In addition, the 5.45mm round penetrates armor more effectively than the 7.62mm round, making it more effective against enemy troops who are wearing body armor. As a result, the AK56 has largely replaced the AK47 as the standard assault rifle of the Russian military.


The AK47 and the AK56 are both assault rifles, but there are some key differences between the two. The AK47 was designed in 1947 by Mikhail Kalashnikov and is a gas-operated rifle. It fires 7.62x39mm rounds from a 30-round magazine and has an effective range of around 400 meters. The AK56 was designed in 1956 by Sergey Koksharov and is also a gas-operated rifle. However, it fires 5.45x39mm rounds from a 30-round magazine and has an effective range of around 600 meters.

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