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Difference between Airport Extreme and Airport Express

Difference between Airport Extreme and Airport Express

The Airport Extreme and Airport Express are two different types of airport routers made by Apple. While both routers have the same basic function, there are some key differences between them. The Airport Express is a smaller, more compact router that is designed for easy portability. It also has fewer features than the Airport Extreme. The Airport Extreme is a larger, more powerful router that can provide faster wireless speeds and better range. If you’re looking for the best possible performance from your airport router, the Airport Extreme is your best bet.

What is Airport Extreme?

Airport Extreme is a wireless networking product from Apple Inc. Airport Extreme can be used to create a Wi-Fi network in your home or office, providing wireless access to your computers and other devices. Airport Extreme is easy to set up and use, and it supports the latest Wi-Fi standards for speeds of up to 867 Mbps. Airport Extreme is compatible with all Airport base stations and can be used with a variety of broadband routers.

What is Airport Express?

Airport Express is an express train service that connects Airport Station with Hong Kong Station. The service is operated by MTR Corporation Limited and was first introduced in 1998. Airport Express trains depart every twelve minutes during peak hours and every twenty minutes during off-peak hours. The journey time from Airport Station to Hong Kong Station is approximately twenty-three minutes. Airport Express trains offer a comfortable and convenient way to travel to and from the airport, and they are fully equipped with luggage racks and air-conditioning. In addition, Airport Express passengers can enjoy free Wi-Fi service onboard the train. Airport Express tickets can be purchased online or at any MTR station.

Difference between Airport Extreme and Airport Express

  • Airport Extreme and Airport Express are two types of Airport devices created by Apple. Airport Extreme is a router while Airport Express is a range extender and both work together to give you the best WiFi coverage in your home. Airport Extreme has more features than Airport Express, but both devices have their own set of pros and cons.
  • Airport Extreme can function as both a router and a range extender, while Airport Express can only function as a range extender. Airport Extreme has more Ethernet ports (three) than Airport Express (two), so you can connect more devices directly to your Extreme. Airport Extreme also supports the latest 802.11ac standard, while Airport Express only supports 802.11n.
  • Airport Express is smaller than Airport Extreme and doesn’t have an internal power supply, so it’s more portable. You can also use Airport Express to create a new WiFi network in another location, which can be handy if you’re traveling and need Internet access.
  • Both Airport Extreme and Airport Express have their pros and cons, but ultimately the decision of which one to get depends on your needs. If you need maximum speed and coverage, go with Airport Extreme.


Airport Express is a great option if you are looking for something simple and don’t need too many features. If you have a lot of devices that you want to connect or share your internet with, the Airport Extreme might be a better fit for you. Thanks for reading our post on the difference between Airport Extreme and Airport Express.

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