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Difference between AFM and POH

Difference between AFM and POH

The AFM, or Aircraft Flight Manual, is a manual that pilots use to operate an aircraft. It covers all aspects of flight from take-off to landing. The POH, or Pilots Operating Handbook, is a supplement to the AFM and provides additional information on aircraft systems and performance. While both manuals are important for the safe operation of an aircraft, the POH is specifically designed for the individual make and model of aircraft being flown. In most cases, it is mandatory that a pilot has both the AFM and POH for the aircraft they are flying.

What is AFM?

AFM Aircraft Flight Manual is a set of performance, handling, and emergency procedures for a particular aircraft. It is required by law in some countries for commercial aircraft. The AFM contains information about the airplane such as takeoff and landing speeds, weight and balance limits, and fuel capacity. It also includes emergency procedures such as how to evacuate the airplane in an emergency.

The AFM is developed by the airplane manufacturer and approved by the regulating authority in the country where the airplane will be operated. pilots must familiarize themselves with the AFM before flying an unfamiliar airplane. If there are changes to the AFM, such as new performance data or emergency procedures, the pilots must be made aware of these changes prior to operating the airplane. changes to the AFM can usually be found in a supplement to the manual.

What is POH?

POH, or Pilots Operating Handbook, is a type of manual that contains all the information a pilot needs to know about a particular aircraft. This includes information on the aircraft’s systems, performance, and handling characteristics. POHs are typically published by the aircraft manufacturer and are updated as new information becomes available.

While POHs are not required by law, they are considered an essential part of a pilot’s training and are often used in conjunction with other flight manuals. POHs can be used for both private and commercial pilots, and they can be an invaluable resource for understanding how to safely operate an aircraft.

Difference between AFM and POH

AFM Aircraft Flight Manual and POH Pilots Operating Handbook are both important manuals for pilots. AFM provides information about the aircraft, including emergency procedures, while POH contains information about how to operate the aircraft. Both manuals must be followed in order to ensure safe flights. AFM is more comprehensive, and POH is more specific.

AFM covers a wider range of topics, while POH focuses on operating procedures. AFM is revised more often than POH, so it is important for pilots to check for updates before every flight. POH is also subject to change, but not as frequently as AFM. In conclusion, AFM and POH are both essential for safe flying, and pilots should consult both manuals before every flight.


The AFM Aircraft Flight Manual is a great guide to help pilots operate their aircraft safely. However, the POH Pilots Operating Handbook provides more specific and detailed information about how each system on the aircraft works. When flying an aircraft, it is important for pilots to be familiar with both manuals.

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