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Difference between Advertising and Public Relations

Difference between Advertising and Public Relations

Advertising vs. Public Relations

Advertising is any message that is placed in a medium paid by an entity. Public Relations (PR) is usually understood to be all free advertising, whether by word of mouth, rumors or by the media. However, PR is also paid in the media. Below this post is all about the difference between Advertising and Public Relations.

Difference between Advertising and Public Relations

Someone once said that advertising is the only truth in the middle, because at the end of each advertisement there is someone claiming responsibility for that product, idea or service. In this way, public relations can be considered a dangerous weapon for disappointment and false publicity, since the person who wants to have a small participation in that article or published news will not be visible.

There are those who can read between the lines and understand where the action should start with just observing a chain of events, but most people believe that it is something that is written in the newspaper. For the most part, ads have very little respect. In fact, it is only the creative revolution of the 60s that Admen started that began to have a little respect. Otherwise, in earlier times it was like a joke. This was the result of the much exaggerated announcements that were made in the years during and after the industrial war.

Advertising is always paid while public relations can be paid or free. There is always a public religionist visible in advertising. Public relations are always visible in advertising. Advertising consists of media such as television, movies, prints, posters, etc. Public relations consist of news events, press conferences, and press announcements.

Public relations executives need a network of contacts and maintain contacts with important people. Advertising executives have many different characteristics, such as the boss, great costumes, the creative bond, the geeky type and those of the management and human resources department.

Advertising budgets for major brands are significantly high. An advertising campaign can cost millions per year, but the costs of effective public relations can cost only a few thousand. On the other hand, some big brands can spend a lot on some event, brand or personalities to attend an event. They can spend millions on such events and not pay anything for the publicity of it. Similarly, small companies can opt for public relations instead of expensive advertising.

In Summary:

  • Advertising is paid while public relations have two options can be paid or they can be free.
  • Budgets for advertising can be very high, while for public relations a few thousand can suffice.
  • Public relations executives must maintain a large social network while it is not the same for advertising.

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