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Difference between Activewear and Sportswear

Difference between Activewear and Sportswear

There is a big difference between activewear and sportswear. While both types of clothing can be worn for physical activity, they are designed for different purposes. Activewear is made to be comfortable and Breathable, while Sportswear is designed to provide more protection from the elements. If you’re looking for something to wear for a run or a trip to the gym, then choose activewear. If you need something that will keep you warm during a winter sports game, then choose sportswear.

What is Activewear?

Activewear is clothing that is specifically designed for physical activity. It is typically made from breathable fabrics that wick sweat away from the skin, making it more comfortable to exercise in. Activewear is usually quite form-fitting to allow a full range of motion, and it often features special details such as reflective strips or zippered pockets. While activewear was once reserved for athletes, it has now become mainstream, with many people wearing it both for exercise and for everyday activities. Activewear has even been adopted by the fashion industry, with many high-end designers now offering their own lines of sporty clothing. Whether you’re hitting the gym or just running errands, Activewear can help you look and feel your best.

What is Sportswear?

Sportswear is a type of clothing designed to be worn during physical activity, typically sports. Sportswear generally consists of loose-fitting, breathable fabrics that allow the body to regulate temperature and stay comfortable during exercise. Sportswear is often brightly colored or patterned to help athletes stand out on the field or court, and it is usually designed to meet the specific needs of different sports.

For example, running shoes are designed to provide cushioning and support for long-distance running, while football cleats are built for speed and agility on the gridiron. Sportswear is an essential part of any athlete’s equipment, and it can often give athletes an edge in the competition.

Difference between Activewear and Sportswear

Activewear and sportswear are both terms that describe clothing that is worn while participating in physical activity. However, there is a subtle but important difference between the two.

  • Activewear is typically worn during low-impact activities, such as walking or yoga. Sportswear, on the other hand, is designed for higher-impact activities, such as running or basketball.
  • As  a result, sportswear is usually made from more durable materials that can withstand repeated wear and tear. Activewear is often more comfortable and breathable than sportswear, making it ideal for long periods of time.
  • However, sportswear is typically more flattering and stylish, making it a better choice for athletes who want to look their best. Ultimately, the best choice of clothing depends on the activity that you will be doing.


The distinction between activewear and sportswear is mainly in the intended use of the garments. Activewear is designed to be worn during physical activity, while sportswear can be worn for both activities and everyday life. Sportswear often has a more relaxed or casual fit, as well as features like hoods or pockets that are not common in activewear. If you’re looking for clothing to wear while you work out, it’s important to choose items that are designated as “activewear.” This will ensure that you have the proper level of support and breathability for your workout.

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