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Difference between Abbey and Cathedral

Difference between Abbey and Cathedral

An abbey is a monastery, while a cathedral is the mother church in a diocese. The key difference between these two types of churches lies in their purpose. A monastery is a religious community of men or women who live together in seclusion and prayer, while a cathedral is the main church in an area and often contains the bishop’s throne. Cathedrals are also typically larger than abbeys. Though both buildings may be used for religious ceremonies, cathedrals are also used for other purposes such as concerts and public meetings.

Who is Abbey?

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Who is Cathedral?

Cathedral Church is a house of worship that is typically the largest and most important church in a town or city. The term can also refer to the main church of a diocese, which is a collection of churches in a geographic area overseen by a bishop. Cathedral churches are often centuries old and considered to be architectural masterpieces.

They typically have stained glass windows, soaring ceilings, and elaborate stonework. Cathedral Church is a sacred space for worship and contemplation, and it also serves as a community gathering place for events such as concerts and weddings. For many people, Cathedral Church is a symbol of hope and faith, and it provides a sense of connection to the past.

Difference between Abbey and Cathedral

  • Abbey and Cathedral are two types of Churches. Abbey is a monastery while a Cathedral is a Church where the Bishop has his seat. Abbey is headed by an abbot while the cathedral is headed by a dean. The Abbey does not have a specific limit to the area it can cover, but it is commonly smaller than a cathedral. A cathedral is always larger than an Abbey. Abbey is mainly for religious purposes while Cathedral is for both religious and civic purposes.
  • Abbey has more privacy since it is mostly cut off from the outside world while the cathedral is more public since people go there for worship and also as tourists. There are many Abbey churches that have become Cathedral over time due to changes in status or Diocese moving. An example of this is Westminster Abbey which became a cathedral in 1560 when Elizabeth I decreed it so.
  • Another difference between Abbey and Cathedral is the order they belong to. Abbey churches usually belong to either the Benedictine order or the Cistercian order while most Cathedrals belong to the Dominican order, Franciscan order, or Augustinian order.


So, what is the difference between an Abbey and a Cathedral? The main difference is that Cathedrals are used for worship by a diocese or archdiocese, while Abbeys are usually smaller and presided over by monks. Another key difference is that Cathedrals are more likely to have elaborate stained glass windows and other features such as towers, spires, and domes. If you’re ever in doubt about whether something is an Abbey or a Cathedral, just remember – if it has a bishop’s seat (Cathedral), it’s probably a Cathedral; if it doesn’t (Abbey), it’s most likely an Abbey.

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