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Difference between 6 and 6X

Difference between 6 and 6X

Have you ever been shopping for clothing and noticed sizes like 6, or 6X? Have you ever wondered what the differences between sizes 6 and 6X are, and how it could affect your buy? Well then look no further – today in this blog post we will be discussing just that. We will examine what exactly differentiates a size 6 from a size 6X, giving you all the information you need to make an informed purchase decision. No matter if you’re buying something for yourself or as a gift for someone special, with this guide there’s sure to be something perfect for everybody! Keep reading to learn more about sizing up correctly when searching for new styles!

What is size 6?

Size 6 is the numerical measurement of clothing and can refer to anything from shoe size to apparel. In the fashion industry, size 6 is a general small or medium size for women’s clothing depending on the garment, cut, and country of origin. Height and weight may vary, so shoppers should go by their specific measurements when seeking out garments that fit properly. Size 6 is also standardly used in sizing kids apparel such as shirts, jackets, and jeans. If you’re ever uncertain what size 6 matches up with, it can be helpful to check out manufacturers’ individual sizing charts which will have detailed information about what 6 equates to in terms of inches or centimeters.

What is size 6X?

6X is the highest available sizing in a lot of clothing lines. It is 6 sizes bigger than a regular X. 6X has become the standard for plus-size male and female shoppers in many major brands, giving them the option to find larger clothing that fits their body type. 6X offers options for oversized garments, such as shirts and bottoms, as well as winter gear like jackets, coats, and boots. 6X also enables shoppers to purchase non-conforming clothes such as baggy jeans and extra-large tees with ease. 6X is becoming increasingly popular amongst those who are looking for clothing that meets their size requirements.

Difference between 6 and 6X

6 sizes and 6X sizes can differ greatly. 6 sizes are typically larger than 6X, with 6X being more oriented towards children’s clothing. 6 sizes are often designed to be a bit more tailored with a more contoured fit while 6Xs offer a looser, relaxed fit. 6s usually have shorter sleeves, shoulder seams, and pant legs compared to 6Xs, which tend to be longer for growing kids. Before buying any clothing items for your child, it is beneficial to know the differences between 6 and 6X so you can purchase the size that will best suit them.


The average person is a size 6 or a size 7. A size 6X is for someone who is 5’10 and up. If you are short, don’t buy a 6X thinking it will be loose, because it won’t be. It will probably fit like a tight Size 8. The moral of the story: know your body type and stick to what works for you! Disclosure: I am petite and usually wear between a 0-2 in dresses—and sometimes even XS in flowy silhouettes! Follow these guidelines next time you’re out shopping and save yourself the headache (and heartache) of having to return ill-fitting clothing.

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