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Difference between 3G and Wi-Fi Nook

Difference between 3G and Wi-Fi Nook

If you’re a Nook user, you may be wondering what the difference is between 3G and Wi-Fi. Both of these technologies allow you to connect to the internet, but they work in different ways. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at 3G and Wi-Fi and explain how they work. We’ll also discuss the benefits of each technology and help you decide which one is right for you.

What is 3G Nook?

3G Nook is a 3G-enabled tablet device manufactured by Barnes & Noble. The device allows users to access the Internet and connect to Barnes & Noble’s online store via a 3G connection.

  • 3G Nook also features a 7-inch color touch screen display, 8GB of internal storage, and a microSD card slot for expandable storage. 3G Nook was released in the United States on November 7, 2012.
  • 3G Nook supports both Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity. 3G Nook requires a data plan for 3G service, which is available from select carriers. 3G Nook is compatible with AT&T and Verizon Wireless in the United States. 3G Nook is not compatible with international 3G networks.
  • 3G Nook support for other languages is currently not available. 3G Nook uses the Android operating system and has access to the Google Play Store. 3G Nook support for Adobe Flash is not currently available.

3G Nook has a battery life of up to 7 hours of reading time or 4 hours of video playback time on a single charge. 3G Nook weighs s10 ounces and measures 7.7 inches by 4.9 inches by 0.48 inches.”

What is Wi-Fi Nook?

Wi-Fi Nook is a website that helps people find Wi-Fi hotspots in their area. It is a free service that is available to anyone with an internet connection. Wi-Fi Nook uses a database of Wi-Fi hotspots that are submitted by users. The website then displays the location of the Wi-Fi hotspot on a map. Users can also search for Wi-Fi hotspots by keyword, such as “coffee shop” or “airport.” Wi-Fi Nook is a useful tool for people who need to find Wi-Fi hotspots in their area. It is also a good way to find out about new Wi-Fi hotspots that have been recently added to the database.

Difference between 3G and Wi-Fi Nook

  • 3G and Wi-Fi Nook are two types of e-readers that are available on the market today. Both 3G and Wi-Fi Nook offer users the ability to read e-books, but there are some key differences between the two devices.
  • 3G Nook is able to connect to the Internet using a 3G cellular network, while Wi-Fi Nook can only connect using a Wi-Fi connection. This means that 3G Nook can be used anywhere there is a 3G signal, while Wi-Fi Nook can only be used in areas with a Wi-Fi connection.
  • 3G Nook also offers access to Barnes & Noble’s 3G bookstore, which allows users to browse and buy e-books without a Wi-Fi connection. In contrast, Wi-Fi Nook only offers access to Barnes & Noble’s online store when connected to a Wi-Fi network. As a result, 3G Nook is more versatile than Wi-Fi Nook and is a better choice for users who want to be able to connect to the Internet anywhere.


The Wi-Fi Nook has several advantages over the 3G model. First, it is less expensive; the Wi-Fi-only model retails for $119 compared to the $149 price tag of the 3G version. Second, it is lighter and thinner than its predecessor; at just under eight ounces and 0.4 inches thick, it’s easy to take with you wherever you go. Finally, the battery life is much better; while the 3G Nook can last up to ten hours on a single charge, the Wi-Fi-only model lasts an impressive twenty hours.

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