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Difference between 3G and LTE | 3G vs. LTE

Difference between 3G and LTE | 3G vs. LTE

3G vs. LTE

Difference between 3G and LTE: – Now days the use internet is as common in all over entire world as we use cell phone in our lives on daily basis, infect now the use of internet is also possible on mobile devices and most of the people who uses social media, all depend on mobile internet. Internet speed always matters a lot for us, especially on the mobile devices we always demand fast browsing. 3G and LTE are all about the fast internet speed. Here the question is what is difference between 3G and LTE?

Difference between 3G and LTE

In the world of internet, speed matters a lot, Whether it’s for connecting with friends on Social Media or for business purposes, no one likes to wait a whole day for a web page to load. So, to help the internet users to get good internet speeds, progress is being made. And just like every other thing, it started from the lower steps.

First came 1G and if one compares it, even, to moderate speed internet, its speed was horrible. Next arrived 2G and it is still in use in most of the developing and under-developed countries. After that, 3G managed to get out in the market and made our lives better. In fact, it was due to 3G because of which the number of mobile internet users grew tremendously. Then, finally the emerged 4G and LTE introduces us 3G and LTE, let’s look into the difference between 3G and LTE:

  • What’s 3G?

Just as it name suggests it’s a short form for “Third Generation”. 3G has become a mobile communication standard and has enabled us to hook up to the internet through our cell phones at somewhat good internet speed. Most of the network companies now use 3G enabled technologies.

Before 3G arrived in the market, there was 2G, which was not so bad as compared to 1G but still, it wasted a lot of time to load webpages in the past. Japan was the first one to launch it commercially, in 2001 and since then, it has really helped us change the shape of the world.

  • What’s LTE?

LTE is a more recent version of 3G and is the short form for “long-term advancement”. LTE is the result of many years of development in the field of 3G and still can hold itself in comparison to 4G. However, the specifications for 4G are in fact greater than LTE’s current features.

Majors Differences between Both

As stated before, both of these belong to the same family. LTE is a newcomer whereas 3G’s been around for some time. So, if we consider the developments in the networking technologies, it will seem pretty obvious that LTE will be a lot faster than normal 3G connection. However, in high traffic areas, LTE can be slower than 3G. Similarly, in many other rare cases, 3G can be faster than LTE but still, the norm is the fact that LTE is a lot faster. Additionally, there is 3G HSPA+, which is faster than its 3G cousin and still, it’s no match, under ideal circumstances, to LTE. Network stableness also plays an essential role in internet connection speeds. A well balanced 3G network can outperform an unpredictable LTE network.

3G vs. LTE Speeds

3G networks can operate up to 7.2Mbps and it was amazingly fast when it first launched. Nonetheless, it took a little while for the network providers to get to that point, and Moreover, 3G HSPA+ works at up to 52 MBPS.

As compared to LTE, it takes the internet speeds to a newer level and operates up to 100Mbps. This is generally the case when internet speed is not so good, but Fixed LTE can run up to 1Gbps. That’s up to twenty times faster than HSPA+. And, internet users do understand that how wonderful 1 Gigabits per second can be. That’s why it is said to be comparable to 4G connections.

I’m using 4G, because now this is a time of 4G, but still number of people exists around us who are using 3G and even more small compatibility internet connection. So all those people, it was important to know the difference between 3G and LTE and now it should be clear in your mind the difference between both of them. Keep visiting to learn more about various similar things and objects.

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