Difference between Rights and Duties

Rights vs. Duties Difference between Rights and Duties: – Rights and duties are closely related. There can hardly be one without the other. When someone has a right it is because someone else has the obligation to respect it; but just as there are obligations (which are determined by laws), there are duties as well;
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Difference between Imagination and Creativity

Imagination vs. Creativity Difference between Imagination and Creativity: – The words “creativity” and “imagination” are regularly employed in indistinct ways, because more than one thinks they are synonymous. The fact is that both are certainly related, but that there is relationship, in no way suggests that it is the same. If you have doubts about
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Difference between Seduction and Manipulation

Seduction vs. Manipulation Difference between Seduction and Manipulation: – Seduction and manipulation are two important ingredients of human behavior, which are based on techniques to influence others. Influence on another individual can be exercised consciously or unconsciously. Both manipulation and seduction fall into the category of influential behavior, but it is important to be clear
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