The Best Limousines in the World

Spacious, striking, dazzling … For a fortunate few are their means of transport every day. The fact is that luxury brands launch new models of Limousines Melbourne equipped with the latest technologies. We show you the limousines most coveted by high society.

 If we talk about luxury in the motor world, Maybach is our brand. Specialized in luxury and high-end cars Your model Chauffeur Cars Melbourne , is configured as one of the best limousines in the world and is that Have you ever seen a convertible limousine? This exclusive limousine with driver’s cab, DVD, fridge for champagne and the latest developments, is designed to go Melbourne. An innovative concept, which elevates the luxury of limousines to even higher levels.

But if what you want is to acquire something that sets a trend, the Hummer limousinesare an example of that. Without a doubt, these do not leave us indifferent and are an example of modernity and innovation in the world of high-end cars.

 Chrysler, Hyundai Audi or Corvette are other brands that do not leave out the world of limousines. An example of this is the Chrysler 300C limousine model, the Corvette Limousine or the Hyundai Equus Limousine which is thelimousine versionof Hyundai’s highest-end model, the Equus.

The classics converted to a limousine set a trend. That’s why the new Volkswagen Beetle Limousine , is the luxurious version of the mythical new beetle.

 The limousine of the Cadillac brand , is among one of the best in the world, and even more since it became the presidential car of the United States. As they say, this Cadillac Presidential Limousine Chauffeur Car in Melbourne is a bunker with wheels and everything necessary for a president to fulfill his functions as a State.

Why settle for a limousine if we can have a yacht-limousine ? The Sovereign is a new yacht concept for billionaires, based on the idea of ​​a limousine 100 meters long . The ship has a modern and exclusive style, and includes all kinds of services, including a nightclub, cinema, gym, library, ten luxurious guest rooms, plus a master suite. Inclusive, a garage designed to receive even the most extravagant limousine. Up to 100 million dollars will be what the lucky buyer has to pay to enjoy this marvel designed by Gray Design.

 But it seems that riding in a limousine is no longer a rich thing, or at least it will not be in a few years, because these vast cars move into the world of taxis. Nissan NV200 is the exclusive “Melbourne” . It was presented a few weeks ago at the design exhibition of the same name and presents us with a new taxi-limousine , with a transparent glass roof, sliding doors, access to USB charging for passengers, independent control of the air conditioning of the seats back, among oteras many things. This may not be among the best in the world, but it promises to be the most chic means of transportation for New Yorkers.

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