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Difference Between Antique, Modern and Contemporary Furniture

Difference Between Antique, Modern and Contemporary Furniture

As an individual, you plan to build a storage room and, if possible, lower the price of the bill by selling some of your furniture. Our company, House Clearance, is able to offer you this kind of service. However, before knowing if we can resell your furniture, it is advisable to know their nature: the value and the market towards which it is intended will not be identical if it is an old piece of furniture, a modern piece of furniture or contemporary furniture.

When can we talk about antique furniture?

At first glance, it seems difficult to define antiquefurniture. Concretely, in practice, there is no minimum age for talking about “antique furniture”. Naturally, the object must have some history to fit into the category. But finally, to fall under the category of antique furniture does not depend only on age:

From 100 years, some furniture is considered old.

Sometimes you have to wait for a piece of furniture to be 125 or 150 years old to be considered old.

In addition, any antique furniture sold as antiques must have been made by hand. Once again, variations are possible and one is more tolerant on certain elements of the Sixth century which, despite the fact that they were conceived mechanically, remain antiques.

Finally, you should know that any furniture can be old:a table, a wardrobe, a chair or a dressier is all elements that can be sold as antique furniture.

The definition of modern furniture

Contrary to what one might spontaneously believe, the term modern furniture does not refer to furniture that is designed today. Indeed, the modern has nothing to do with time, since it is a style in itself. We speak of modern to appeal to a fashion that was created between the 1920s and the 1950s and lasted until the end of the twentieth century.

Visually, the modern furniture is characterized by the various elements that compose it: molded plywood, plastic, shiny steel. From the point of view of decoration, what is modern is generally refined, even minimalist.

The definition of contemporary furniture

Unlike modern furniture, contemporary furniture is not a style in its own right. It simply refers to what is happening right now, at the beginning of the 21st century. Contemporary furniture is linked to the priority use of natural materials. The shapes are unique and often creative, although the lines are usually quite simple. We also put in the contemporary, comfort and ergonomics. Finally, today, we do not yet know what name will be given, in twenty years, the contemporary style.

How to sell antique furniture, modern and contemporary?

If you have antique furniture, you should contact an antique dealer to consider their sale. It is impossible, without the intervention of this professional, to know the value of your old furniture (s). Indeed, the selling price will vary according to the period of origin, the state or the characteristics specific to your furniture.

Modern furniture, except in the case of specific pieces, does not sell at a high price and is not part of antiquity. If you have items in good condition, you can still consider reselling them on the Internet, through ads. In addition, it is quite possible to make donations to charities like Emmaus, who often looks for furniture.

Finally, your contemporary furniture has not gained in value since your purchase. If you are looking to get rid of a table, a wardrobe or a contemporary bed, you will need to refer to the purchase price – and reduce it depending on the wear of the object. Again, you can choose to create your own ad or give to associations.

The old and the contemporary, a mixture more and more sought after

Today, many families still have some antique furniture in their possession – and at the same time they are buying more contemporary furniture. In this sense, it is not uncommon to see, in dwellings, a mixture between periods of origin.

Concretely, you are not obliged to choose, in your home, between the contemporary, the modern and the old. It is entirely possible, depending on what you buy and what you already have, to make blends.

So, before throwing away a worthless antique piece of furniture, think about the second life he can have: repaint it or put it in another room of your house, he can – surprisingly – blend perfectly with your other equipment!

If you are thinking of separating yourself from several cumbersome furniture, the best solution is to ask the House Depot teams, who will determine the most profitable alternative (donation, resale, and landfill).

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