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8 Ways to Ease The Journey of Cancer Patients

8 Ways to Ease The Journey of Cancer Patients

Cancer is a severe disease which is terminal in most cases, yet we don’t have any complete and reliable cure for it. Moreover, cancer has, unfortunately, become quite common in the US and all over the world.

According to recent statistics, men approximately have a thirty-nine per cent probability of developing cancer in their lifetime, whereas for women, the possibility is thirty-seven per cent.

Furthermore, the conventional treatments of cancer aren’t entirely effective every time. They have tons of side effects, and they can take a significant toll on the patients. Under these circumstances, even the bravest of us can get physically and mentally frustrated and stressed. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the friends and family members to keep the patients happy and to make their journey easier and more comfortable.

If you have a relative or friend who is suffering from cancer, you should check out the rest of this post, so that you can help them navigate through the difficult terrain of their treatment.

Stay optimistic:

The worst thing that a patient could do when battling cancer is losing hope. If cancer is discovered at an early stage, the chances of a full recovery are quite high. Moreover, according to statistics, the number of patients recovering from cancer has increased over the last decade.

About fifteen and a half million people beat cancer in 2016; additionally, this number is expected to reach about twenty million by 2026.

Therefore, remember to share studies like this with the patient and keep their hopes up. Optimism won’t only decrease the psychological stress, but it will also improve your immune system and accelerate your recovery.

Show them your love and support:

A person who is going through cancer treatment is under a massive psychological burden, and as a friend or family member, it is your responsibility to show them your support. You should prioritize spending quality time with the patient and encourage the rest of the family to do the same.

Visit the patient and try to spend a fun and encouraging time with them. Crack some jokes and have a quick laugh with them. Spending a while laughing and chatting with family members will allow the patients to think about something other than their disease, and it will also calm the patient and relieve stress.

Try using marijuana for countering side effects:

Though it is the only solution we have right now, chemotherapy isn’t the cure for cancer in any way. Apart from a low success rate, chemotherapy also has numerous severe side effects. It may kill the cancerous cells, but it is also quite destructive for our body and mind.

Chemotherapy can cause nausea, anxiety, stress, loss of appetite, alopecia, and in some cases, even headaches and migraines. Instead of using pharmaceuticals to counter these side effects, you should look for a natural treatment.

Cannabis is a fantastic drug, which has numerous health benefits. Apart from various other applications, cannabis can also be used to counter the side effects of chemotherapy. The cannabinoids such as CBD can help combat pain and nausea, while THC can eliminate stress.

Moreover, cannabis will also increase the patient’s appetite, allowing them to eat healthy foods that keep their body strong and mind relaxed throughout the treatment.

However, most people don’t know how to get cannabis. It is quite simple, write “buy weed online Canada” on your google search, and you will find loads of online dispensaries that deliver weed to your doorstep.

Help them relax:

Apart from the physical toll cancer has on your body, it is also quite menacing psychologically. Cancer patients usually get quite stressed after finding out about their condition. Some patients even fall into depression, which is not suitable for the treatment.

Moreover, if these are the patents last few days, they shouldn’t be spent in a sad and gloomy mood. Therefore, try your best to keep the patient relaxed. You can book them a day at the spa or use other methods like aromatherapy to help them relax and recline.

Find a cancer support group:

Support is essential when a person is going through the harsh treatment of cancer. Where the support of family and friends is invaluable, it can’t match what you get in a support group. Though we can try, it is very challenging for us to understand what the patient is going through authentically. One the other hand, cancer support groups are attended by cancer patients and people who have recovered from cancer. Hence, attending a group meeting can help patients get hope and support.

Add healthy foods to their diet:

Diet plays an integral role in all aspects of health, and a proper diet is essential for cancer patients. Healthy foods can strengthen their immune system and help them fight against cancer cells. Moreover, specific natural herbs and foods are known to be effective treatments for nausea, headaches and body aches.

Therefore, add the following food elements to the diet of the patient.

  1. Zinc, which can prevent taste change
  2. Ginger, which is an excellent treatment for nausea
  3. Ginseng, which is an effective counter for fatigue and body aches,
  4. Turmeric is a fantastic spice that can reduce hair fall, eliminate skin dryness and recover damaged cells as well.

Make an Acupuncture appointment:

Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine. In acupuncture therapy, thin needles are punctured into specific points of the skin, which can stimulate our hormonal system, and regulate the blood flow to certain parts of the body.

Therefore, acupuncture is an effective way to treat the side effects of cancer. It can counter stress, nausea and body ache caused due to chemotherapy.

Try Aromatherapy:

As the name suggests, aromatherapy incorporates certain scents onto the environment, which can have various physical and psychological benefits. For cancer patients, aromatherapy can be a very useful and efficient way to counter side effects.

Certain aromas like lavender can help counter nausea and stress; however, not all people are affected similarly by certain smells. You will need to try out different options to see which one has the best results.

Therefore, start lighting some scented candles in the room of the patient.

Lastly, cancer is a very devastating disease, and the treatments that are used to counter it are not perfect. They have many side effects that can affect the quality of life of the patient. Though the remedies mentioned in this post can be considered as treatments for cancer, they can help counter the side effects of its treatment. Therefore, try them out, and we hope that you or a loved one that is affected by cancer recovers completely, and lives a happy and long life.

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