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5 Laws to Abide By For Effective Yard Sign Promotion for Elections

5 Laws to Abide By For Effective Yard Sign Promotion for Elections

Believe it or not, signs play an important role in any kind of promotion. Be it a promotional offer, a new store or shop, or even political campaigns. In this blog, we shall be talking about the effectiveness of yard signs in political campaigns and how they can be put to better use.

Opting for sign printing online lets you print signs that are better targeted toward your political campaigns. Customization options along with full-color prints make them very much distinctive and effective.

However, in order to know about the roles played by yard signs in political campaigns, we need to know what they are for real and how they can be used. Yard signs are means of temporary signage that can be planted on any piece of public property, in this case, during elections. Yard signs are used by political parties to:

  • Promote their representative for a public office
  • Let the public know about the different proposals
  • Help the public identify polling booths in a clear manner
  • Share the date, time, and other details of the elections

Yard signs are quite an affordable and effective tool for the promotion of political party campaigns. They are easy to be shipped, low cost, easy to assemble, and weatherproof. Custom sign printing lets you go for signs that you think are perfect for the particular location where they are placed. However, we cannot just go about setting up yard signs anywhere we want.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind while planting yard signs for elections:

The rules of planting yard signs vary from one community or neighborhood to another and according to the laws of the state from one state to another. According to the Supreme Court of the United States of America, here are 5 rules that concern yard signs for election campaigns:

  1. On Private Property

Opting for sign printing online and planting yard signs on residential houses and other establishments of private property is a safe, effective, and unique mode of communication. The rule cannot be restricted by any town.

  1. On Public Properly

Various online printing services provide durable yard signs that are perfect for the promotion of the candidate fighting the elections. Signs can be put up in areas of public property like the parking sidewalk. Although they might be prohibited in other areas like traffic circles, etc.

  1. Time Limitations of Political Yard Sign

As far as election campaigns are concerned, restricting their placement within 600 days of an election is a violation of the State Low. This is because time restrictions on posting yard signs before the elections are illegal.

  1. Laws at polling locations

Planting yard signs within 100 feet of the polling location is not allowed and is unauthorized, and need to be removed immediately. Any kind of political sign is not allowed near the polling areas. Here, the right to freedom of speech and rules pertaining to the placement of the yard signs help maintain the peace of the election.

  1. Legal removal of yard Signs

As per the rules provided by the Supreme Court for yard signs, one cannot remove yard signs that have been planted legally. If someone does so, it shall be considered an act of theft or political-material tempering and will be fined. In order to be legal, one should remove the yard sign from the particular piece of property maximum by the second Friday from the date of the elections.

On the other hand, yard signs planted on private property may stay so for as long as the owner wants. If you are the owner and feel like the yard sign needs to be removed, it is a better option to talk to the municipal authorities and let them make the decision. You might be able to find out about the various laws set from yard signs from the local Homeowners Association. This will help you avoid violating any laws set for political promotions and advertising.

Opting for online printing services in California allows you to print affordable and effective yard signs that can be used for effective political promotions. However, in order to be on the side of the law, it is important to keep the 5 above-mentioned points in mind.

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