Difference between Liability and Expense | Liability vs Expense

liability and expense comparison

Liability vs Expense Difference between liability and expense: – The demonstration of financial dealings in an organized way is the prime of accountancy. In other words, it is important that it should be easily understandable for the audience. One can find three basic components of the accounting formula, in a relationship such that the liabilities … Read more

Difference between EOI and RFP | EOI vs RFP

EOI vs RFP The question which is probably raised nowadays is what is the difference between EOI and RFP? You can’t give the answer to this question until you do not know what EOI is and what is RFP? EOI and RFP are two important concepts one needs to understand before jumping into the market … Read more

Difference between Compensation and Benefits


Compensation vs Benefits To understand the difference between compensation and benefits, we need to understand both the terms individually. So here the question are what compensation is and what does it mean by benefits? When company gives compensation to their employees and when we use terms benefits in business. So let’s start with basic concepts … Read more

Difference between Capitalism and Laissez-faire


Capitalism Vs Laissez-Faire Difference between Capitalism and Laissez-faire: For many years, the terms “capitalism”, “socialism”, “Marxism“, “free market”, “laissez-faire” etc. have been used in place of each other without any background knowledge of what each term is and how it relates to the other terms. The terms “capitalism” and “socialism” embody pivotal ideas, which most … Read more

Difference between Buy Side and Sell Side

Difference Between Buy Side And Sell Side

Buy Side Vs Sell Side To know the difference between buy-side and sell-side, it is important to know what are both are actually? But let’s discuss the financial market first, and then we will talk about the buy-side and sell-side in detail. The financial market keeps growing every second as more businesses keep on globalizing. … Read more